Tailored English

We provide a bespoke service to our clients, assisting in the creation of high quality written work in plain English. Our service is based on our Client’s needs. Our talented Wordsmiths can carefully craft communications with tone and style that matches the branding and specific requirements of the client.

There is no better alternative to clear, native English

Many larger international companies employ copy staff with ‘fluent english’ to write their Web Content and Corporate Communications, however even small errors in syntax and idiom can ruin the professional image of a company that is keen to show a truly international face. A non-native speaker would not notice these errors. Our copy is flawless, and reads like a natural speaker – it is Perfect Copy.


Our projects are varied and include Web Content for expanding international Companies, the creation of industry-specific Technical Reports, Press Releases, Journalism/Blog Posts, B2B Communications (such as White Papers), Content Marketing and Direct Marketing.

What we need from you

We will need a brief from our clients with as much detail as possible to get started. This can usually be presented initially as a bullet-point list. We are happy to develop your requirements over email.