Our Famous Clients

At Perfect Copy, we have a strict code of discretion with our clients. As a future client, you can be sure that we will not use your logo or brand name to further our own marketing goals without your permission.

We provide our services to a wide array of industries and our clients can range from well-known international brands as well as smaller businesses that are keen to impress. Our work is commonly used by real estate agents, PR and Marketing firms, International manufacturers/exporters, among others.

By providing expertly-written Copy for our clients, we are able to give them the extra time to do what they do best – whatever sector they work in. Although many ‘first time’ clients are wary about spending money on a new service for their business, our clients are quick to realize that it is a shrewd investment which pays off over time.

Want to know more about how much our services cost? See our Price Guide to get a general idea, and send us a detailed message to get a firm quote.