Who we are

Perfect Copy! is a bespoke English-language copywriting service provided to our clients based on their specific communication and content needs. Some people call us ‘Wordsmiths’.

Almost all of our work is handled personally by Matt Hopkins, an experienced native-English Copywriter and company founder. Matt has experience in the UK and the US and has a thorough understanding of the individual idiosyncrasies of spoken and written English on both sides of the Atlantic.

Perfect Copy! also draws on a select group of freelance ‘Creatives’ to find and manifest new solutions to our client’s communication and content needs. This extended talent pool enables a wider range of possibilities and specialisms to be used when fulfilling client requirements.

In 2016, Perfect Copy! moved from the UK to its new base in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to extend its reach to a growing international client base.

Our talent-pool consists of all native English speakers, many of whom have experience living and working on both sides of the Atlantic, ensuring the clearest possible communication to both American and British English speakers.

Our internationally-based writers are all educated to Degree Level, capable of literacy and competency in a range of specialties and disciplines. To give some idea of our range, we can produce work regarding Politics, Economics, Business, Management, Nature, Environment , Horticulture, Farming, the Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Lighting, Electronics, Fashion, Home Interiors, Housing, Property, Gardening, Theatre, Leisure, Travel, Hotel and Hospitality, Tourism and many more topics.

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