What is Copywriting – and how is Copy different to Text?

This is a pretty common question about our industry, as there is an awful lot of crossover with the stately realms of PR, Marketing and Advertising. The advent of Social Media has complicated things too – creating a new entity called ‘Social Copy’.

In fact, ‘Copy’ can manifest in any number of ways – it can be the text in a printed advertisement, or a brochure. It can be spoken word on the radio. It can be the text of a Website. It can be pretty much anything where there is a message to be conveyed and a medium by which it is transmitted. Copy can envelop other media including Music, Images or other artwork, and of course the multifaceted and glittering Social Media. Just think about those catchy ‘jingles’ and Memes out there and you’ll have an idea of what I mean.

In short, Copy is the message but Text is the medium (most of the time).

Our specialty (or speciality if you’re reading this in the UK) is the production and editing of English-language copy for International businesses reaching international clients. We create English language versions  of Websites or Advertisements in simple, easy-to-understand English. We can neutralize culturally contextualized content and generate equivalent content in a universally-accepted format.

Many of our clients have an excellent command of English, but just do not have the time to create English-language versions of their Website or Advertising material. Others just want to be certain that the language used is perfect, without any unintended errors or glaring cultural inconsistencies that might otherwise project an unwanted image of being inept.

Today, good quality Copy is more important than ever when your competitor may be just a click away, and when your audience may only be paying partial attention until the next Tweet comes along. Copy has changed a lot since the early days of advertising – it is no longer enough to just state the simple facts about your product or service. Copy sometimes has to engage people on an emotional level, entertain or comfort, or even provoke people into paying attention!

So, really not the same thing as simple ‘Text’ then.

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