Our Perfect Story …..and Brexit

People often ask if our reason for setting up camp in The Netherlands was a direct result of this so called ‘Brexit’ thing, but really the story is not that simple.

Obviously, at the moment, the Brexit buzzword has become the current frame of reference for pretty much anything related to the UK. From the rise of noxious petty nationalism, and the UK’s faltering economy, to car – crash election results further afield – many events are set within the context of Britain’s impending withdrawal from the EU. However, this is not our defining story.

Instead, we see ourselves as being representative of the near (or more than) 50% of the UK who want to have an active participation in the wider world. Our decision to base ourselves in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is a reflection of our wider world view – we do not see our business as a ‘British business abroad’, but as a global business based in a truly global city.

The core of our business is really simple – we provide English-language copy to businesses around the world. Our business – and our world- is one without borders, and there are many many in the UK and the rest of Europe who see themselves the same way. While some retreat back to a fictional nostaligic ‘safe zone’ of national identity, we instead proudly proclaim that we are among the very many who see themselves as European and Global.

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