Moira and Michael

MOIRA AGNES (Moira) m. MICHAEL YOUNG, Mountfield, Omagh, County Tyrone. Moira’s home, 22 Landesdowne Park North, Antrim Rd. Belfast. Michael’s father was Charles, son of John Young, Omagh, and Bridget Maynes, Omagh. His mother was Agnes Winifred (Aggie) McGinn, daughter of James McGinn, Omagh, and Margaret Quinn, Omagh.

Children of Moira and Michael: (7 surviving )

Ann Marie (Ann) m. Ivan McMichael, Belfast.

Two children: Kate and Richard.

Leonard Cathal (Leonard) m. Carmel Quinn, Stewartstown.

Four children: Natalie, Melanie, Emily and Ruth.

Deirdre Teresa (Deirdre, d June 1998) m. Denis Kee, Dungannon.

Philip James (Philip) m. Patricia Marley, Belfast.

Three children:  Mark, Stephen, and Jacquelyn.

Martha Thelma (Thelma) m. George McCullough, Belfast.

Two children: Helen and Conor.

Michael David (David) m. Joanne Ward, New Jersey, USA.

Brona Mary (Brona)

Brian Joseph (Brian)