(Ensembles) Together and Apart

(Ensembles) Together and Apart arose from a project exploring the idea of making a chain of translations between different forms of making.

The work was commissioned by Patrick Bailey and the Kevos new music ensemble, to be premiered in full at Kestle Barton Art Gallery on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, on May 21st 2017

From sculptor Richard Serra’s famous 1967-Verb List, I translated selected action-words into very short pieces of music, then into a filmed visual ‘performance’ in ink on paper (see the film below – originally titled, Seven (Provisional) Actions), then translated from piano music to music for small ensemble, and finally from notated musical score to abstracted graphic scores in ink on tracing paper.

To Scatter. Brushed ink on tracing paper

From Serra’s list, initially I chose the following, seen on the film:

To Scatter – To Weave – To Fold – To Suspend – To Bend – To Simplify – To Enclose.

I went on to respond to a further 14 actions and contexts:

To Disarrange – To Drop – To Dilute – Of Layering – To Tie – Of Symmetry – To Crumple – To Pair – Of Reflection – To Droop – To Hole – To Cover – To Systematise – To Erase.



To Weave. Brushed ink on tracing paper

The various actors in the process are both intimately linked and yet also separate, and can be called to mind in some way all together or be experienced by themselves. The installation of the film and graphic scores is conceived as a (silent) visual ensemble that corresponds with the sounding musical one, together and apart.