Teaching with Music and Art

An active session facilitated by Steve Day, reflecting on the special place occupied by the performing arts in our Faith and looking at the techniques and tools we can use to deliver our message within the medium of the performing arts. We will particularly look at how we can best incorporate the Divine Words in our music and performances. The session will include the use of sound recording equipment and instruments in both a studio and a live setting.We will also aspire to compose, record and perform a piece of music inspired by the Holy Writings

Just to share a bit more information about this event...I will be attempting to present an examination of both the spiritual and the practical aspects of producing music to promote our Faith.

So not only will we be examining the Writings concerning Music and the Arts we will also be looking at techniques for recording music using currently available computer systems and associated software, focusing on paid as well as Free Software solutions, for Apple, Windows and Linux Computers.

Also looking at the various all in one hardware systems available and how to use them. we will also look at the various ways we can get our music out there in the public gaze and on the internet.I will construct a website with all the media and associated information used in the presentation available to all for future reference.

It is also my hope that we will be able to create, over the space of the weekend, one or two pieces of music based on the principles of the Faith, and at least one piece using the Holy Words in Their Purest Form.

This to be the collective creation of all attending the weekend.Of course above all this is a weekend for all ages and I trust and hope that the main ingredient will be excitement with huge portions of fun fun fun!!!!So looking forward to seeing you all there....much love Steve.

Selections from the Bahai Scriptures

When music of this world is blended with that of the Kingdom men's hearts will be so enraptured that their spirits will soar high with ecstasy.

From the borders of the wilderness the tall grasses are standing like advance guards before the cypress and jessamine trees; while the birds are singing among the rose branches like the angels in the highest heavens, announcing the glad-tidings of the approach of that spiritual spring, and the sweet music of their voices is causing the real essence of all things to move and quiver.

Only the listening ear can hear the singing of the Concourse on high.

About Steve

Steve has been a Bahai for almost thirty years and a singer/songwriter/guitarist for 50 Years. He has performed at Bahai Conventions and events all over the UK and made several appearances on BBC Radioand one on Television. He has always striven to use the precepts as well as the Holy Words of the Faith in his performances and songs. Steve is also the lead guitarist and front man of a successful Rock and Blues Outfit called simply, The Steve Day Band. For the last twenty years he has been a pivotal member of the Musical Crew of Winifreda of Green Island, a wooden yacht launched in the Holy Year of 1892. The crew comprising of Garry, Rosie, Poppy, Patrick, and Oran Villiers Stuart have sailed the Scottish coastal Islands and the coasts of Ireland and England with their unique brand of Spiritually Energising Music, conveying both the Spirit and the Name of Baha'u'llah via musical devotions and firesaides all over the land and the sea. Steve will be performing some of the songs devised on these wonderful trips and telling a few stories during his presentation. Steve has also given many presentations to Schools in which uses his music. During this series of musical presentations Steve will be paying particular attention to the use of the Holy Words Themselves in presenting the Faith with song and speech.