ARUNNERS – BEACH RUN 2017 (WEDNESDAY 12th July 2017)

As part of the West Sussex Fun Run League, we host one of the races each year. Our event is unique to the league as it is the only run on a beach. It is an out and back course of about 5 miles along the sandy beach here in Littlehampton, starting on the green near the coastguard tower at 7:30pm and then heading east on the beach towards Worthing. The turning point is at a drinks station due south of Pigeon House Lane, East Preston from where the runners will return back along the sand to Littlehampton, finishing in the same part of the green near the coastguard tower.
The juniors are not left out as we provide a 0.75 mile race at 7:00pm for all ages up to 16, also starting and finishing on the green near the coastguard tower.

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